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Sweet Drinks or Sweet Dish what is more harmful?

What is more harmful? Sweet Drinks or Sweet Food?

Sweet Drinks.

They dont make you full, yet get absorbed by your cells instantly... closing the doors of absorbtion.

Your cells are actually designed to absorb glucose that is made by your body when you eat some thing and convert it into energy.

Cells have a limit of absorption.

When you have a sweet drink, the cells absorbs it quickly and closes their doors of absorbtion.

Your appetite is not full by just drinking a sweet drink you feel hungry still so When you eat food and your body breaks it into glucose, your cells are already closed to absorb that glucose and the sugar content in your blood goes high- which has several harmful effects on various organs and the body itself, main cause for type 2 diabetes.

Consuming negligible sugar is what you should aim at and let your body make glucose from food and work inward out.


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