Why Fitness?

Why Barbarian?

Why Fitness?

India has a Huge Population


India has Shortage of Sports Facilities.

Gym is the best Option for People to keep FIT.

Gym is Affordable .

Increasing Awareness of Fitness Promises Growth.

Doctors advice Gyms to loose weight and keep Fit.

Young Generation goes to Gym to look Good.

GYM Adds Healthy Years to your  LIFE  SPAN. 

Why Barbarian?

Brand Barbarian is Famous  for Body Transformations for the last 30 Years. 

By becoming our Franchisee  you can dominate the fitness market in your city without you having any knowledge of Fitness.

We Provide a Complete end-to-end Solution to setup a Gym.

Our Certified Trainers and Sales Executives run the Gym as per our standards.

Powerful Advertising Campaigns with Celebrity Transformations makes us a Preferred Choice over other Competitors.

We design the complete concept considering the Market Potential... and bring NEW TRENDS and USP's that can make us LEAD the Market in Your City. 

The Brand Owners work on grass root level and are committed to make every gym Successful.

Dont Work For Money... Let Money Work for you.

We provide the following Business Model:

Zero Franchisee Fee

12% MG on Investment

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