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Satya's Certified Personal Trainer -
Satya's Training Methods are now being taught to individuals you who would like to equip themselves with techniques that can transform the bodies of their clients.
Our online fitness academy offers a 3 month course that allows students to study in the comfort of their homes, give weekly exams, later come to mumbai for practcals under Satya and after hands on experience (at our branches) get our certification.
Satya's Certified Trainers are earning handsome amounts as this course make them Independent Freelance Trainers who are not relying on gym salaries. This certification is acknowledged and respected by all branded gyms accross India.
  • Duration : 12 weeks Theory.
  • Practicals: 5 days of Practicals with Satya at our fitness studio in Mumbai.
  • Online Study: Study material is mailed to you every week. 
  • Weekly Exam: You can read the material in the comfort of your home and appear for a weekly exam which is online. 
  • Topics Covered - Anatomy, Principles of Modern Bodybuilding, Personal Training, Fitness Formulas, Body Analysis, Diet and Nutrition.
  • Our study material is pictorial that is easy to understand and remember.
  • In practicals you get a chance to train and learn important techniques developed and mastered by Satya.
  • Knowledge of food nutrition, medicine, supplement etc. is also a part of our Certification.
  • A vast number of exercises are demonstrated in the study material for muscle building, Loosing weight and gaining weight. 


Course Fee:  

75000/- Online

250000/-  Class Room 


  • In case of payments via cheque, The course will commence after your cheque is cleared.

CASH Payment Method:


   1. Deposit Cash Cheque in our Kotak bank A/c

   2. Inform us by filling the form below.

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