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A great solution for Home Gyms where you dont have to buy leg extn and Leg Curl machines separately. 

Comfortable adjustments: Plain to Incline or Decline Angles.

Foot Blocker for STABILITY while doing DECLINE Exercises.

Broad seat at the front to accomodate your knees for addional stability for decline.

Super Sturdy, Stable and Durable.

CHROME Plated. (where metal touchs metal)

Comes with : 1. Leg Extn. + Leg Curl Attachment - You can also buy: Prechure Curl Attachment, Hyper Extn. Attachment separately.

Have two wheels (Not touching the ground) You have to lift the bench from one side so the wheels touches the ground and you can easily move the bench to another location.

You can use resistance tubes with our bench too.

Adjustable Bench with Leg Extn. and Leg Curl

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